World of tanks ru

World of tanks ru

World of tanks: the saga continues

World of tanks is that the multiplayer browser primarily based action game. It brings you the action thrill of the piece of ground. World of tanks nexus give you a good vary of tanks from the Soviet Union, Canada, Japan and France. It's the team strategy primarily based game. You wish to decide on your tank and crew members and want to survive with them by eliminating the opponent’s tank.This game has designed on the versatile that enables upgrading the vehicles and their development and weapons within the game. Because it offers you big selection of tanks differs in characteristic and speed. you'll be able to use the quick light-weight tanks, to wreck the opponent tanks you'll be able to escort the medium tanks, for eliminating the enemy’s tank or to maneuver to ensuing level you'll be able to use large tanks, and every of the tank here has its own blessings and may be terribly effective if utilized in a correct manner.


The World of Tanks Game could be a prime down arena shooter that includes a various set of things (abilities and weapons) every with their own distinctive uses and properties. Quick thinking and designing square measure greatly rewarded.  Determining the way to use the things you're presently holding so as to show a scenario in your favor are going to be way more vital than simply having a gradual aim. As game starts players open with the sunshine tank division. The 3 approaching subdivisions for the continuing game: self-propelled artillery, tank destroyers and medium tanks. You simply ought to survive within the game to travel to next spherical. Longer you survive longer you'll be within the game. As every spherical passes player are rewarded with the credits and bonus, you'll be able to pay this bonus points or credits to transform your tank and purchase new tanks, otherwise you will add crew members. In world of tanksexperince you play as a team, you wish to survive with the team, as every member within the team has its specific job to be done.  Battles occur within the instanced maps. These maps cowl space with the bushes, houses, trees and different obstacles which will even help you to cover or attacks.

World of Tanks inc recently announced that they had already set a new Guinness World Record for the most amount of players on a single online server at once, ever.


This record was 190k players on one of its own Russian servers this past January. The last record for this was two years ago, also owned by the very same game. They also said that their servers in March have held over 800k players simultaneously.


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